VR gets revolutionary with HTC product

VR, known as Virtual Reality is an experience that is interactive and computer generated. This takes place within a stimulated environment. VR incorporates a number of components like auditory and visual feedback inclusive of sensory feedbacks that makes the experience surreal. The VR aims at providing the user the ability to view three-dimensional images. The effect that the VR creates uses headsets, along with external props in the environment that enables the user to have good visual encounters. The effects of VR may include vibrations and sensations of the visual activities to give the user a feel of reality, thus the name Virtual reality!

Enough of the introduction about VR! We all are familiar about how technology has been advancing with time. The masses are flabbergasted by kind of products that are launched. It is a boon to live in such a hi-tech world. HTC has been an emerging brand in the tech market.  HTC has recently announced in its CES press conference in Las Vegas that they are introducing two headsets. The headsets include the updated version of the Vive Pro (Vive Pro Eye) and Vive Cosmos, a headset that can be powered by both PCs and mobile devices.


Features distinguishing HTC Vive Cosmos from others

HTC’s Vive pro Eye is the same as the Vive pro except for one change in it which comprises of the support for precise eye tracking.  This feature enables users to use their eyes instead of controllers to aim targets. Moreover, the avatar acts more human-like by real life blinking and eye movements. The release of this product is yet to happen around mid 2019.

HTC Vive Cosmos is a product that is making big in its announcements. This aims at making Virtual Reality more accessible to everyone. This is similar to Facebook’s Oculus Quest, as it does not require a set up for it to function. Wall mounting is not necessary for the VR. One can experience VR on the go! This product is very accommodative as it can be paired up with a smart phone as well. In addition, Cosmos boasts of having the company’s best display. It comes with a tracking system and a controller both labelled as Vive. The design is more the state-of-the-art as it features a flip-up design. This design aims at making it easier for the user to transcend back to reality from the virtual world. The new head grip also comes with a breathable material that is comfortable for the users to use.

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Aim of making it big in the VR market

Vive cosmos is believed to create a revolution in the world of Virtual reality. Vive Cosmos aims at creating system that is so friendly for everyone to be a part of. This would make it easier for the people to step in virtual worlds. HTC claims that they have included Firefox Reality, Mozilla’s VR Browser to make the experience even more enchanting. A design that gives a new view on spatial computing is HTC Vive Creative labs is commitment. Hence, the Vive Reality System has come into play.

HTC Officials are looking forward to making VR feel less like launching apps and want it to be medium that connects the two worlds. Virtual and Reality are distinct worlds and this commitment to provide this technology to all is something that has proved HTC’s product. This product will therefore make it big in the VR Market.

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