Warm water vs Cold water: which to choose when

We’ve been hearing since centuries that drinking hot or warm water is quite beneficial for our body.

However, we have under-rated thebenefits derived for drinking cold water and always suggested people to switch to hot water.

In this article, we’ll find out benefits of both hot and cold drinking water and when you should prefer what.

One of the most known advantage of drinking warm water is , improved digestion. Drinking a glass of warm water empty stomach, that is just after waking up activates our digestive system, overcomes  indigestion, prevents constipation.

Next, it helps in the process of detoxification. Warm water helps get rid of toxins from the body, thus preventing acne and other skin problems. To further enhance its effect, squeeze half a slice of lemon in the water and drink it every day.

It also helps relieve nasal congestion, acting as a natural expectorant by aiding in the expulsion of phlegm from the respiratory tract.

It also helps combat pain by increasing the blood flow to the tissues. It can help overcome menstrual or join pain.

Now coming to the benefits of drinking Cold Water.
Cold drinking water is an excellent post-workout drink, that helps lower down the temperature increased during work out.

Thus, it’s recommended to drink cold water after workout. It also helps lose weight by boosting the metabolism and thus help burn calories.

Additionally, cold water helps combat heat strokes during summer. Since, cold water gets absorbed quicker than warm water.

When you are back home from the scorching heat or if you experience a heat stroke, drink a glass of cold water.

As there are exceptions to every rule, here is what you need to bear in mind:

Cold Water
According to Dr. Neha, cold water shouldn’t be drunk alongside or immediately after food as our body uses a lot of energy to increase its temperature, which may cause indigestion.

Warm Water
Warm water shouldn’t be taken just after a workout. As post workout temper is already high, cold water helps lower it down.

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