Wattpad Collaborates with Sony Picture Television

Wattpad, an Internet community for readers and writers to publish new user-generated stories in different genres; is now partnering with Sony Picture Television. The company says it’ll work with Sony by giving access to the most popular stories on Wattpad.

The authors have already turned into movies on Netflix, TV shows on Hulu and other projects; for the studios throughout the world. The collaboration gives Sony Picture Television a first-look option; for new stories popular on the Wattpad platform from the half a billion story uploads it has seen to date.

Today, it includes more than 70 million monthly users; who spend over 22 billion minutes engaged with its original stories uploaded to its site.

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Story DNA

The company uses “Story DNA” machine learning technology along with human curating; to quickly identify the most popular stories and identify the IP and storytellers on its platform. The technology helps to filter stories based on grammar; also the sentences framing are thereby helping to predict the next best seller.

The Story DNA technology is used today to help in identifying stories; which can be turned into TV, shows, books, movies or any other digital projects.


Wattpad and its Business

The Netflix original “The Kissing Booth” movie; the original story behind the film; had already been read 19 million times by users worldwide on Wattpad. “Light as a Feather,” produced for Hulu along with Awesomeness TV and Grammnet; has been Emmy-nominated, and even got renewed for a second season.

Wattpad works with a number of entertainment partners worldwide even today. The entertainment partner includes Netflix, E-One, Huayi Brothers Korea, SYFY and many others. With working so many partners Wattpad has turned its stories into projects. The projects were mostly at Universal Cable Productions, Hulu, Netflix as well as elsewhere.

Also, the company already had a relationship with Sony Pictures TV. Last year Sony Pictures acquired a story; and made it to series called “Death Is My BFF” which had more than 62 million reads on the platform.

The head of Wattpad Studios, Aron Levitz in a statement said, “Our entertainment partners all over the world; have seen the power of our data-backed approach in order to IP discovery and development;” Also he added, “Wattpad stories are some of the most innovative and creative that have ever been written. The stories as well as diverse voices on Wattpad deserve to be heard all over the world. Also our partnership with Sony does just that: bringing Wattpad stories to new and existing fans all over the planet”.

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