Waxing vs Shaving: Which is better way of removing hair

While shaving is a go-to option for men, women are often ambiguous about which is better for hair removal — Waxing or Shaving. If you are also confused between choosing the right, we will surely sort you by the end of this article.


When you shave, you remove hair from the surface, or basically you trim it. Because of which, hair goes temporarily for around 5-7 days. However, the process is quite simple and doesn’t hurt, it is also cheap and less time consuming. You must be careful while shaving as razor blades may cause cuts or skin irritation if not used carefully.

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Unlike shaving, waxing is a way of removing hair from the roots. Thus, the best part about it is that you will witness hair growth after 1-3 months depending on body structure. It’s downside is that it may give you pain and cost more money and time.

There is a rumour that Shaving with razor thickens and darkens hair growth. But this isn’t true. It’s just that you find hair growth more and frequently as compared to when you wax.

So, based on your prefernces, you can choose any of these, also depending on body part where you are looking to use these.

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