Ways to celebrate National Mango Day

July 22 is celebrated as National Mango Day every year all over India. The day is observed to honor the King of Fruits.

Happy Mango Day to the mango lovers present anywhere. The whole year-long wait for the mango season to arrive, mark the day, and eat mangoes in various ways to satisfy their soul.

Happy Mango Day to the people who are still not aware of this day. This day is a fun food day and is enough to satisfy your taste buds along with your soul; never forget to mark this day.

Happy Mango Day to the mango cultivators; they work the whole summer to serve us the best mangoes. Hence, thanks to them, we can mark and organize this mango day.

Warm wishes to ourselves – A Very Happy Mango Day. On this day, let us with others so that we all together can enjoy the fun food day and try out new recipes from the juicy sweet mangoes.

If you wait for the mango fruits to fall, you’d be wasting your time while others are learning how to climb the tree

It all seems so upside down. Upside down cake. I once had a spectacular mango upside-down cake while on vacation in Jamaica. Drenched in caramelized mangos and saturated with Jamaican rum.

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Don’t sit at home and wait for the mango tree to bring mangoes to you wherever you are. It won’t happen. If you are truly hungry for change, go out of your comfort zone and change the world.

Fruits were my candy as a little girl growing up in Barbados.
I was surrounded by a variety of fruit trees: Tamarind, cherry, mango, dunks, papaya, guava, pear, sugar apple, golden apple, and gooseberry trees.

One way can be learned by starting to see the magic in everything. Sometimes it seems to be hiding but it is always there. The more we can see the magic in one thing, a tiny flower, a mango, someone we love, then the more we are able to see the magic in everything and in everyone. Where does the mango stop and the sky begin?

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