Ways to Celebrate World Sketchnote Day

Here are some messages and greetings you can share with your friends and family to celebrate World Sketchnote Day.

-Happy world Sketchnote day from me. If you also would like to share your own visual notes, take a workshop on Sketchnotes now.

-Warm up your Sketchnoting finger on your calendars to mark the day.

-Change your thinking and encourage yourself to develop your talents. World Sketchnote day.

-On World Sketchnote Day, participating in Sketchnote contest and it is an awesome feeling and great experience.

-Being a volunteer, make a church Sketchnote which can help many.

-Join the fun on Sketchnote Day. Enjoy creating sketches for your chapter books and for the family!

-Honored for my sketch by all my friends! Thank you so much! Happy world Sketchnote day!

-I’m learning and practicing often the Sketchnote. Ideas, not art for teaching and learning!

-What an amazing thing to be a part of Sketchnote! Thank you for putting this together!


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-Make your own digital Sketchnote and share it digitally.

-I never really tried any Sketchnoting but tried to make one and I like it!

-In science, exploring water shortage on Sketchnote day. What a great feeling to spread awareness through a Sketchnote.

-When you are learning something new, it isn’t always good, but you can capture them for future use.

-Inspired for Sketchnote day by a note from my favorite person.

-Today draw something challenging! May be your name in different styles! Happy Sketchnote Day.

-Grab a drink and join us to make the longest Sketchnote.

-Quick sketch for Sketchnote Day. Go, get doodling!

-I have contributed to world Sketchnote Day. Are you doing?

-Fasten your seatbelts, you are going to fly in an imaginary world with my Sketchnote!

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