Ways to Cope Up with an Emotionally Absent Parent

Parents are a beautiful blessing from God. Most of us are blessed with some really good parents who are always there with us with both happiness and sorrow. However, not everyone is lucky as there are some who lived with an emotionally absent parent. A few children spent their childhood and teenage without any guidance as their parents were too busy to give them some attention. If you are also among one of those who spent their life with emotionally absent parents, read this article to find out ways through which you can cope up with it.

Remain present in your own life

Build a life away from your parents which gives you happiness. Spend time with people who really care about you and are always there to guide you. Just because of your parents, you shouldn’t stop moving on in life. Form new relationships in life. You should see big dreams and should work hard to achieve them. You should have a purpose in your life that helps you reach greater heights.

Identify your own needs

It is a general observation that people who grew up with emotionally absent parents don’t pay much attention to their own needs and desires. However, this is not how you should operate. You should fulfill all your suppressed feelings and should lie your life to the fullest. Learn to prioritize yourself and spend some quality me time to understand what your body and mind need.

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Allow yourself to feel

In many cases, people refrain from acknowledging that they had an emotionally absent parent who didn’t do anything good to them. The denial also results in suppressing all the feelings that you felt towards your parents for not being there with you. The first step towards healing is by allowing yourself to feel anger, resentment, and any other emotion for being deprived of the love and care that you needed.

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