Ways to deal with Jet lag

Jet lag arises feeling of tiredness, lethargy, irritation and sleep disturbances due to time lags when travelling from one country to another.
Jet lags can be challenging and stressful.
In order to avoid jet lag, you should keep a few things in your mind:

It’s important to adjust with the local time as soon as possible, generally as soon as you board your flight.
Adjusting with new local time would mean eating and sleeping according to it.

2 major issues and ways to deal


When you board the plane, start following the local time of the destination. If it’s night, sleep. If it’s day, keep yourself awake.
Eat when it’s the time for lunch.
Staying up until it’s night at your destination, would help you adjust well with the time of that place.
Although it can be difficult to stay up, but it’s anyway going to help you deal with jet lag and will be better for your overall health.


You need to push yourself. Push yourself to stay up until new bedtime.

You board a flight in the morning. You have already slept the previous night, and aren’t sleepy. You wait for the night to come in order to sleep. But if you de board at night, which is actually morning as per the local time of your destination, you will suffer. You may feel drowsy and lethargic if you do not get adequate sleep due to engagements at their working hours.

So, you should sleep after boarding the plane if it matches with the new local time.
You may find difficulty since the time you when board, the timings were different. But it’s always better to adapt with it as early as possible. Or else, it may become more challenging after deboarding.

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