Ways to reduce water usage of your everyday apparel

The fashion industry is one of the most environment- unfriendly industries of the world. It not just contributes to a significant proportion of water pollution pollution, but also utilises a lot of water for production.

Since it is World water day on 22nd March, we aim at discussing a few measures that can help reduce the burden on water for the production of apparel.

1- Check for the Material
Some materials consume a lot of water. For example silk and polyester. Check for the materials your clothes are made up of and choose those which requires less water in production as well as washing for example organic cotton.

2- Wash less
Washing clothes contribute heavily to water pollution. Thus, avoid washing your clothes on frequent basis. Wash it only if it’s worn multiple times or is too dirty. You can also try washing machines that require less water, and wash on full load than only a single cloth.

3- Invest in a low water Jeans
Jeans requires much more water than any other cloth item. And our favourite pair of denims requires an approx of 10,850 litres of water. That is why now it has come up with jeans with less water used, try choosing those over the ones requiring huge amounts of water.

4- Say no to Polyester
Polyester, as a fiber requires not just high amount of water but also contributes significantly to the water pollution by releasing toxic chemicals such as cobalt, sodium bromide and antimony oxide. It also releases small plastic pieces that may prove to be deadly to the aquatic life.

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