Ways to Use Body Language to Build Trust

Trust is an important factor in any relationship. It can be a herculean task to build trust for yourself among other people. However, what many of you may not be aware of is the fact that your body language can also give assurance to the people about your character. 

Here are 3 ways you can use body language to build trust among people.

Maintain Eye Contact

It is of the utmost importance that you make eye contact while speaking or listening to the other person. Making eye contact shows your willingness and genuine interest in the conversation and also gives good vibes to people. Also, don’t keep glancing at your phone or scanning around the room as it depicts that you are getting bored. Building stronger human ties makes it easier to trust people and know more about them. You should master the art of listening through your eyes if you want people to trust you.

Uncross your arms and legs

It may seem bizarre but crossing your legs and arms while talking to somebody can give a negative vibe. Though you might have crossed your legs and arms for different reasons, it is assumed as a defensive mechanism and people find it hard to trust someone like this. Thus, you should make sure that your body looks open as it gives the statement that you are open to listening to other people.


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Touch (appropriately)

Lightly touching a friend on the hand can indicate your support for that person. If you are lending your support or apology to somebody, you can comfort them by a side hug or any other light touch. Not showing any change in the body language at such moments depicts that you have no empathy towards the other person or there is no meaning to your words. However, always remember that you shouldn’t practice this with someone who is stranger to you or at your workplace. Because even causal touching can be misinterpreted and can result in you getting in deep trouble.

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