Ways to win your client’s heart and wallet

Are you a freelancer who’s unsure how to win your existing clients’ hearts and make them pay you more in the long run? It is inevitable to know it can only be possible when they’re happy with you. And below are some of the best ways you can make them happy.

Deliver more than what you promise 

Deliver more than your promise in terms of quality, quantity, and turnaround times. It would make your client feel special. But don’t overdo it or they’d be habitual of receiving that.

– Be gentle with your communication even during the worst

No matter what happens, be gentle and communicate your points clearly. Being rude won’t help as it would only make things worse.

– Talk about them more than yourself and show them you care

Show them you really care about them by talking about them, their needs, and their work more than yours.

– Do little extra things to surprise

Occasionally, gift them or offer them something. Provide them with something more than your regular work to make them happy.

– Respect their personal time and boundaries

Don’t message them late at night, on weekends and when they are on a vacation. It would only annoy them.

– Update them about the progress or small wins and celebrate together

Keep them updated about your work and performance and celebrate your wins together.

– Take the feedback positively and work on it

Don’t get rude or annoyed when they say something could have been better. Ask them how it could have been more suitable for them and make it.

– Don’t always talk about money, but be transparent about it

Don’t always bring money in between even though it’s important. But, be transparent about your charges.

– Say “thank you” “apologies” etc. often
Improve your relationship by saying sorry and thank you often. Don’t argue unnecessarily and act carelessly. 

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Aastha Kochar

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