Ways to Write a Cold Email (Part 2)

We had mentioned in our previous article about the different ways to write a cold email. Here are few more ways so read on.

How to Write a Cold Email ?

Here are few tips on how to go about with that cold email that you want to send out. After all, sending the right cold email could land you your next client/lead, employee, or even job.

7) Subject Line :-

You could spend an entire day writing the best email body known, but if no one opens the email, your efforts will go to the gutter.

cold email

To make sure that doesn’t happen, you need a compelling subject line. This advice might sound obvious, yet there are still so many poorly written subject lines. Just open up your inbox and see how many emails are in there that you’ll never read.

If people don’t open the email, nothing else matters. There are many things you can do to increase open rates, but one easy best practice is using their name in the subject line.

8) Be a Human :-

One of the best ways to keep things approachable and to the point is to write like a human and not like a robot. Writing your email like you were talking to someone in real life makes it feel much more friendly and relevant.

Assume that you saw this person out in the public and had to walk up and say “Hi”, how would you start your conversation? You wouldn’t just pounce on him about the stories or achievements of the company. Most likely, you would start with something like “Hey xyz, I’m abc. I read your column every week and love how you are focused on startups. I wanted to talk to you about my company because…

9) Just Ask :-

One must know that there’s more to a good “ask” than just telling people what you want. How you tell them matters a lot.

Let me know if you want to meet up” is terrible. This forces someone to exert mental energy to make a decision for both of you, and it puts the gunpoint on them to sort out the details. It’s short, but not easy or actionable.

Compare that with this – “I can meet on Monday or Tuesday between 8 a.m. and 11 a.m. at the Coffee Shop on 8th. If that doesn’t work, tell me what does, and I’ll make it happen.” That gives them a clear, easy action to take, with specific bounded options.

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10) Give them Freedom :-

No one wants to be a slave; everyone requires freedom.

You’re looking at one of the most effective persuasiontechniques out there. Make a request and then tell your prospect “but you are free” to do whatever they’d like.

If you give someone a way out, it will double the chance that they say yes. This practical persuasion tactic is supported by 42 psychological studies on over 22,000 people.

11) Follow up but NO SPAM :-

If it’s been a week and they haven’t responded- don’t fuss, follow-up!

Follow-up, follow-up, follow-up. It’s a commandment of cold emailing. But, make sure to email them once a week, and always wait a week before following up. Unless they add you to their spam folder, they’ll respond.

Will they think you’re annoying? Absolutely! But they’re going to admire your persistence, and because of that, they may reward it.

Two things cold emailing require are patience and persistence, and if you persevere you will be rewarded.

12) Give a call to action :-

Make sure to give the prospect a call before launching your emails at them. This way they won’t be surprised when you send your cold email. But speak to them in a polite and jovial way.

Also, give them something they want. Why should the recipient care about your email? Why should this busy person take time to respond to it? What’s in it for them?

Remember that people will go much further to avoid pain than to acquire pleasure. If you’ve done your research and found a major pain point for the recipient, and you can offer relief, highlight that.

13) Self-Check and get Feedback :-

Browsers have built in spell-checks so there shouldn’t be any excuse for coming across as sloppy and rushed by sending a message with typos or bad grammar.

Make sure to show your outbound cold emails to different people, especially current clients of yours with whom you have a good relationship. Don’t be shy to ask them – “Would you reply to this? What’s unclear? What would you change?” If you have investors, ask them the same questions.

Hence, Get feedback. Edit/Iterate/Test. Read through your email, aloud if possible (even if it’s under your breath), to hear how you’re coming across.  If it sounds natural, then it will read well. Honestly, this is how I edit my own writing.

If the idea of cold calling gives you the cold sweats. Hopefully, these few tips help you vaporize those sweats and yet make them your Warm prospects.

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