Were the marriages legally binding in ‘Love is Blind’?

Netflix’s ‘Love Is Blind’ has had fans talking for lots of reasons. And with the wedding episode, finally live on Netflix, conversations are starting up all over again.

Like, whether or not any of this was real. Did the contestants really get legally married after meeting in a series of pod dates just 28 days prior? Here are the answers of two beloved contestants questioned by an organisation:

Cameron Hamilton and Lauren Speed and; Matthew Barnett and Amber Pike actually got married.
Rest of the three couples broke up with each other in their wedding attire( dresses and tuxedos) in front of their acquaintances.

At the recently announced ‘Love Is Blindreunion’, which will be released on 5th of March, Hamilton and Speed confirmed that they did get marry in the eyes of the law. “We definitely did. That’s the part that was so scary for me. This is a real legally binding marriage. This is not for TV. This is our life,”

Speed said in mid February. The validity of the marriage explains Speed sensibly being unsure if she was going to marry Hamilton for most of the season.

Her current husband added, “I framed [the marriage license] and put it up in my office.” So yes, Hamilton actually is her real life husband , in fact prince like Speed said he was way back in the pods.

Barnett and Pike also confirmed the legality of their ‘I Dos’. Despite their “will they or won’t they” moment in the final episode and Pike revealed that she has about $20,000 USD worth of student loan debt, the couple signed their marriage certificate without looking back. Barnett told  that the couple decided to not sign a prenup.

So, Hamilton, Speed, Barnett, and Pike really did get honest to goodness married on this wacky Netflix show.

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