What are the 10 Best-Selling Comic Books of All-Time?

The world is now in the age of comic book movies as they steadily gain popularity. However, it does hark back to how these comic book movies got their source material. Tragically, we lost the legendary Marvel Comics co-founder Stan Lee in 2018. However, his legacy continues to live on, so in lieu of that, what are the top 10 best-selling comic books?

10. Superman

This fictional superhero was created first with this series of comic books. After its debut, Superman became an instant success with newspaper strips, video games, and various movie and television adaptations. Now, it’s no doubt one of the best comics of all time. Some of the most famous Superman storylines is, ‘The Death of Superman’ and the ‘Injustice: Gods Among Us’ story arcs.

9. Batman

Batman, the second-best superhero in a cape, was created just a year after Superman, in 1939. Similar to its predecessor, Batman received instant success and led to further adaptations of the comic books. Batman has been the most portrayed superhero on the big screen as well.

8. Spider-Man

One of the most popular and commercially successful superheroes, Spider-Man, has maintained cult status in the eyes of geeks (and even normal people) for decades. That versatility makes it one of the best comics of all time. The best part is, Spider-Man’s civilian life is totally relatable for the average school-going teenager.

7. Asterix

Asterix, or the Adventures of Asterix, is a French comic book series following a village of Gauls as they resist Roman occupation in 50 B.C. They do so with the help of a magic potion brewed by Druids that gives them superhuman strength. In all honesty, learning history has never been so much fun.

6. Peanuts

Perhaps the most iconic comic series, Peanuts by Charles M. Schulz followed main character Charlie Brown, his dog Snoopy and all of their friends—each with unique and intelligent personality traits that allowed the story to continue for 50 years.

5. X-Men

This American series centers on characters like Professor X and Wolverine—humans with supernatural abilities. Similar to other American classics, X-Men has been adapted into multiple successful films.

4. Captain America

Captain America was designed as a patriotic supersoldier during World War II, fighting the Axis powers and demonstrating pride in American soldiers. Captain America was the first Marvel Comics character to appear in media outside of the comic strip when it was made into a movie in 1944 starring Dick Purcell.

3. Tintin

The Adventures of Tintin is a French comic book series often noted as one of the most popular series of the 20th century in Europe. The series follows a young Belgian reporter and his canine sidekick, Snowy. Other beloved characters include the whiskey-loving Captain Haddock, Professor Calculus, and the bumbling detective twins, Thompson and Thomson

2. Avengers

The Avengers features the “earth’s mightiest heroes” like Ant-Man, The Hulk, Iron Man, Thor, and the Wasp. While the dream team has since changed to feature other prominent superheroes, Marvel Comics has found the bulk of its success from this comic series.

1. Dragon Ball Z

This hugely successful Japanese media franchise follows the adventures of Son Goku from childhood to adulthood as he trains in martial arts. In Dragon Ball, Son Goku explores the world in seven orbs— known as Dragon Balls. It is also one of the most beloved anime cartoon series.

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