What are the cons of learning through MasterClass

MasterClass is one of the many startups that fall under the category of online education. Given its rise in popularity, many people are confused about the credibility of such courses because with online education there is also a threat of online fraud. While MasterClass looks similar to many other present online platforms, one thing that sets it apart from others is that the experts of each domain across the globe teach the courses. And these individuals aren’t just famous – they’re well-known in their respective fields. 

However, just like other things present on the internet, MasterClass has its own disadvantages. 

Not a Replacement for Traditional Education

Though they are a great source of gaining knowledge, they can’t replace the traditional methods of education. Also, they aren’t semester-long classes. They are a lecture of just a few minutes. Also, it is very rare that you get in-depth knowledge about your subject from the courses. The courses should be considered as springboards on your learning journey rather than substitutes for the traditional methods of education. 




No Live Sessions

While learning something, it is natural to have doubts. However, there is no option through which you can contact your professors to clarify your queries or doubts. There is no Question and Answer element in the courses through which you can interact with others. Also, the courses are self-paced. This means that they don’t start and stop on a particular schedule.

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The subject gets diverted

The professors are best in their field and have a lot of information to give. However, sometimes they divert from the topic or focus on less important things. There are courses that aren’t geared towards the principles that the users are interested in learning about. For example, the famous Canadian Journalist Malcolm Timothy Gladwell talks about different aspects of writing in his course. Though the course was quite comprehensive, many felt that it would have been better if would have focused more on the technical and grammatical side of writing instead of the theoretical, mindset, and investigating portion. 

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