What causes back acne?

Although acne can develop anywhere on the body, back acne is common among teenagers or women in their puberty. If you’re developing back acne often, you should know the cause to treat it accordingly.

The most common cause of bacne is dead skin cells and clogged pores. However, many other factors can cause them too. Below are a few of them:

  • Genetics

Genetics is another common cause of back acne. If anyone in your family has or had acne, you are likely to develop them too. However, it also depends on your lifestyle.

  • Puberty

Changes during puberty can cause hormonal fluctuations leading to acne. This can also lead to conditions like PCOS that are responsible for acne.

  • Sweat

Wearing tight clothes in summer or not changing clothes after exercising can cause sweat that would lead to acne on the back.

  • Stress

Stress can cause breakouts. It can make your existing acne worse.

  • Chemical-based cosmetic products

Using chemical-based cosmetic products can cause can lead to acne on the back especially if you have sensitive skin.


Above were the 5 common causes of back acne. Figure out what’s causing you acne and visit a dermatologist to find out the solution.

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