What Dreams tell about your life

According to Wikipedia, A dream is a succession of images, ideas, emotions, and sensations that usually occur involuntarily in the mind during certain stages of sleep. There are some things/situations and objects most of us see in our dreams depending on the situation in our life. Here’s what these things tell about you and your life:

Having a dream wherein you are in some danger signifies that you have recently made a mistake or a bad choice regarding anything which may come up as an obstacle to your progress. Thus, you should take a wise move and consider if you have taken a wise decision.

If you see yourself failing in exams or giving exams or in fact anything related, it signals that you are over-stressed regarding it and should instead have confidence in you or else the negativity may kill your future dreams.

Being chased
Being chased in your dream is often your subconcious telling you that you are avoiding an issue or person or you might be feared that a person can expose you or any of your secret.

Seeing vehicles in your dreams signifies about the path you have chosen in life. If you are able to drive or control your vehicle well, it shows that you have control over your life but if not, it suggests that you should try to have it or else situations can become worse.

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Having nightmares in your sleep can be a sign from sub-conscious mind about your anxiety, tensed or stressful life. It can be due to any recent trauma that has affected you or because of toxic substances.

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