What is MasterClass? What are its advantages?

MasterClass looks similar to many other present online platforms but one thing that sets it apart from others is that the experts of each domain across the globe teach the courses. And these individuals aren’t just famous – they’re well-known in their respective fields. The startup has approximately one million students availing of the courses available on the site. Post-graduates and graduates are more attracted to this site as they get to polish their skills by learning from the best in the business.

Learn From the Experts

Hands down this are one of the biggest advantages of the MasterClass. It doesn’t compromise with the quality of the instructors. You literally learn from the best in the business. From writing to cooking, you’ll be able to learn from big-name celebrities. The skills of the instructors and their success in their respective fields are the unique selling points of Masterclass. For example, different acting tips from Natalie Portman and Samuel L. Jackson. This variety allows you to take away from more experts since every instructor has succeeded due to their own efforts.

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Quality of Videos

Often, there are instances when the quality of the videos gets deteriorated as the course commences. However, the same is not the case with the online courses offered by the MasterClass. The videos are so top-notch that you can compare them with the quality offered by Netflix. The videos are incredibly well-produced with top-notch sound, lighting, camerawork, and music. The quality of the video matches the pitch – if you’re learning from the best, it should genuinely seem like you’re learning from the best. The videos are shot in high definition and high resolution and you can easily deduce that by giving a look at the trailers or first few episodes of the courses.



The affordability of online courses is one of the major concerns of many students worldwide. Since MasterClass offers the services of some of the renowned experts from across the globe, it is believed that they can cause a big dent in your pocket. However, contrary to the popular belief, the courses are priced at affordable rates.

The Platform Is Easy-To-Use

For the websites offering online education, it is extremely important to have a user-friendly platform so that both the technical and non-technical students can easily avail the services of the courses offered. Also, the mobile app is of high-quality and boasts of a simple user interface. The app is as good as the website, so you can watch the videos on your laptop or your smartphone if you’re on the go. The app is simple to use, and the quality of the written and video content is as good as the  desktop version.

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