What is PCOS, Symptoms and Treatment

Polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS) is a female infertility disorder, common in women of reproductive age. Women with pcos or pcod have excess of androgen i.e male hormones , enabling irregularity or periods and other issues related to fertility. Small follicles are developed inside the ovaries of women, preventing release of eggs on regular basis.

How does it happen?

The exact reason of pcos is unknown. However, studies suggest that pcos is common with women whose mother or sister has the same issue, or women with a sedentary lifestyle leading to weight gain.

How to know if i have it?

Following are some of the common symptoms found in women with pcos:
1. Irregular menstrual cycle
The most common symptom one may find, when suffering from pcos. The periods may be either too much or too scenty. The cycle would become either too short or too long. A normal cycle is one which occurs after every 27-31 days.

2. Acne
Acne is yet another common symptom women with pcos are found with. No matter what you try on your face, your acne won’t go away unless you balance your hormones.

3. Facial hair growth
As the production of the male harmone increases, women with pcos might find symptoms like increasing growth of facial hair, baldness on head etc.

4. Extreme pain during periods
Painful menses are another commonly found symptom found in with who suffer from pcos.

If you have the above Symptoms, you may need to visit a gynae or follow a stringent routine

How can i cure pcos?

Pcos cannot be cured. However, it can managed by medical treatment, as well as natural ways. Here’s how you can live a healthy life with pcos.Here’s how you can live a healthy life with pcos.

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