What is the future of Fashion?

Fashion has evolved through decades of constantly creating demands by being stylish and fascinating. But, its impact on the environment is becoming increasingly hazardous.

Being one if the fastest growing industries, it has to have a responsibility towards environment. Changing trends in fashion and availability of affordable apparels has lead to increase in the number of shopaholics. This in turn increases shopping of new clothes thereby retarding the old ones.

But now it’s the high time. Environmental degradation has emerged out as the worst enemy of earth. And,the textile industry is one of the biggest culprits. The World Bank reveals that the textile industry single-handedly contributes to 18-20 per cent of global industrial water pollution from dyeing and pre-treatment of fabrics and textiles.

Treatments like dyeing encourages wastage of large quantities of water. And that polluted water is released into large water bodies, leading to it’s contamination.

Processes in textile mills also lead to air emissions containing several harmful chemicals including chlorine and hydrogen Sulphide. Consumers and manufacturers are becoming aware of the harmful consequences and are trying to find alternative technologies to protect the environment.

Some world famous fashion designers are also encouraging the use of green or environment-friendly technologies.
Stella McCartney, used more than 75 percent Eco-friendly materials in her S/S 20 collection – her most sustainable to date.

However, as a consumer, we need to fulfill our responsibility as well. Avoid buying a dress just for Friday night or a special day. It’s better to invest in a piece that you would love to hold rather than buying bulks of clothes for one-time wear.

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