What is the ideal age to get married?

There’s always been controversy around the ideal age to get married. Today, the scenario has completely changed. The aspirations of partners, patterns of marriage, way of choosing the partner, everything is evolving. And in the twenty-first century, most of the individuals, irrespective of the gender, work seriously towards becoming financially independent. Philosophically, age is just a number. But, practically, age really matters when it comes to marrying.

Let us separately look at the ideal age of Men and Women to get married.

For men,
It’s important to be financially stable. By this, we at least expect him to earn sufficient to be able to bear all his expenses along with his wife. Generally a male is able to achieve this by 27-30.
Ideally, a man should marry by 30, so he is mature enough to bear responsibilities, financially support his family, and become a not-so-old father.

For women,
The ideal age to get married is between 24-27. The age is considered ideal due to many reasons. Firstly, in recent times, women have shown their capabilities by proving themselves equal to men in every field. Thus, becoming independent plays an important part. By the the age of 25, a woman is able to complete her studies and get some work experience. Secondly, by this age she is able to understand life better. By this, she is usually ready to get out of her comfort zone, leave parents and friends. And is mentally and physically ready to accept her in-laws and her own parents.
The greatest advantage a women gets by marrying at around 24 is to enjoy her marital life for 2-3 years and then get ready for a child. This way, when she would be 50, her kids would be 25, completed with studies and ready to become self dependent. Thus, growing up child will become less worrisome. Also, after 30, women are likely to develop complications in fertility, so it’s advisable to conceive before 30. The younger, the better it is (Obviously not before 18).
However, the woman must be ready to adjust with her new family and be physically as well as mentally prepared to bear responsibilities of the family.

It is only the ideal age, even if you are older than this, your marriage can still bloom if you and your partner are ready to make it last happy.

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