What is the Importance of Fashion?

There is a kind of perception that fashion is only applicable to make things look good until the next fad comes along. However, this is not entirely true, fashion is not solely fit for being paraded down catwalks, there is so much more to it.

1. Individual Identity

Fashion is a big part of personal identity and even one’s own culture. Most people used clothing to symbolize important things. Now it is a huge part of the economy, It is worth well over 3 trillion and currently grows each day.

It even is the 2nd biggest economy trade industry, which employs over 57 million people, Also expressing yourself through clothing can make you stand out and make you feel better about oneself, instead of being one among the crowd.

2. Make a Statement

At first, What you wear and details on you says a lot of about you without you even saying a word. Second, What you wear enhances or diminishes your character when you communicate and behave within the context of society. And yes, A lot of people wear”uniform” thinking that it projects correctly about ourselves and feel comfortable rather than confident. Such so, A lot of people manage hard to reduce their true characters all to a single navy/black/latex piece of kit. But “uniforms” can adapt if you know how to. Fashion is talent, Fashion is art. Think that is important and it can only be life’s positivity.

3. Fashion is Life

Fashion is the clothes we wear, the shoes we walk in, the style we eat, the style we talk, even the food we eat. Even the underwear you are wearing is fashion! Why do celebrities wear different types of bikinis if they are not fashion? Wont we feel high if a person wearing ragged clothes stand next to us? Wont we feel jealous if a person wearing highly expensive clothes stand next to us? We feel like that bcoz of fashion. You might tell that if we give the money we are spending for fashionable clothes for a person in need, it is better. But in my opinion we must always not think of others. We have to think of ourselves too. Will we wear ragged clothes if we see a person wearing those?

4. How do You Even Define It?

Fashion is a way to express emotion, feels and personality. It helps in creating precious memories that stand out in our minds. Of course there are so many styles that reflect a person’s mood. Others, are simply following what their favorite brand is giving as a new collection. With expensive prices, famous wearing.. That’s what attracts them.

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