What Men really think about Make-up

Valentine’s day is approaching, and being a woman, your plans for the day would begin with dressing up and end at make-up. Isn’t it? But what guys really think about makeup? Do they like girls with bold makeup, or subtle, or no makeup at all?
Below are some opinions collected from men that talk about makeup.

Lewis, 31, Solicitor

“Less is more for me. I don’t really want it to be noticeable, only a light enhancement of features. The eye pen thing on the whole seems to look nice. I don’t like too much makeup. By that I don’t like overuse of the grouting stuff so that it looks like a mask of makeup or fake tan that makes it look like the girl has dipped their head in a chip pan. Anything fake e.g. eyelashes, looks scary, and anything with glitter is irritating because it gets everywhere.”

Chris, 40, Sports Executive

“I like natural-looking makeup because it’s more subtle, it doesn’t look like you’ve tried too hard. I find lots of makeup fake, like a weird mask. I hate loads of heavy foundation and really painted on eyebrows (he says pointing to brows and saying ‘whatever these are’), that is one of the worst looks. I don’t like red lipstick at all – I’m not sure it really suits anyone does it?”

Duncan, 30, TV Producer

“Slightly red cheeks looks good. Anything that gives the image of being ‘natural’ is always a winner and looks mature too. Any crazy coloured eyeshadows are a big no-no for me. As are mentally thin eyebrows or anything that appears caked on.”

Amrit, 23, Journalist

“I like nice natural makeup that isn’t an inch thick but instead looks natural and just brings out the nice features on someone’s face. Nice rich colours on the lipstick – like deep reds and regal looking colours. I don’t mind fake eyelashes either as long as they don’t look tacky.

Adrian Grenier, 35, Actor

“Less is more. Definitely. You don’t want to overdo it. If you don’t exude beauty from within, no amount of makeup will be able to cover that up.”

Dr. Rondrick Williamson, 38, Podiatrist

“I saw a picture of my mother when she was younger and she was the most beautiful woman I have ever laid eyes on. Naturally beautiful, there’s nothing in the world like it. I think a woman’s makeup should only accentuate her natural features. Too much makeup tends to take away from her appearance as opposed to adding to it. Less can be good.”

Chuck, 34, Actor

“I like a foundation that enhances a natural complexion, clear and healthy looking rather than the very painted clown-faced look…or too orange. I don’t like heavy makeup anywhere really. Too much eyeshadow or mascara detracts from a girl’s natural features and ends up almost being like a mask, creating a sense of distance.”


Most of the men believed in the idea of natural beauty and simplicity. To them, natural beauty should be highlighted by using minimum makeup or naturally, instead of making it look bold and fake.

Small amounts of foundation, light or nude shade lipstick and minimal makeup on eyes without highlighting the brows and lashes may be the ideal look this Valentine’s.

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