WhatsApp launches a Giant Internet Megaphone

The famous messaging app – WhatsApp has recently rolled out a new feature.

Much like Instagram, WhatsApp has released many features in the past few months. This also included a feature known as catch-up which pushed away the problem of re-adding people on group even after existing from the group. Among many other group features, another interesting feature was the group descriptions.

The latest to the addition of features is also useful for the WhatsApp groups. This feature is the first of its kind and it’s known as “A Giant Internet Megaphone”.

What does the WhatsApp’s Giant Internet Megaphone do?

As mentioned earlier, this feature is used in groups in order to create a one way communication stream utilizing the broadcast technique. Using this, the group admins can change the settings wherein he/she can be the only one broadcasting messages on the group.

This was launched keeping in mind that most of the groups are used by schools, colleges, centers, organisations (profitable as well as non-profitable), certain classes, etc. for announcements or important notices made by the teachers, parents, officials, etc. Thus, usually it doesn’t involve any communication from the students or employees side. Or sometimes few people tend to spam the entire group with unnecessary messages.WhatsApp Giant Internet Broadcast

Hence, it works exactly like a huge megaphone which helps the admins have a better streamline of communications with the other people.
On 29th of June, 2018, WhatsApp said the following in a blog post

“Today, we’re launching a new group setting where only admins are able to send messages to a group. One way people use groups is to receive important announcements and information, including parents and teachers at schools, community centres, and non-profit organizations.” 

How to use the new WhatsApp feature?

WhatsApp has rolled out this feature globally and it is quite easy to use the feature.
Just follow these simple steps –

Step 1) Go to the specific group chat.

Step 2) Click on Group Info.

Step 3) Select Group Settings.

Step 4) Click on Send Messages.

Step 5) Now choose “Only Admins” from the 2 options provided.


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Does this feature resemble Telegram?

Few might consider this one way communication feature to be like the feature provided by Telegram. It could very much be the case since Facebook’s Instagram already has similar features like its competitor Snapchat. So, this WhatsApp feature could indeed be a copy of Telegram.

Telegram has about 200 million active users whereas WhatsApp has 1.5 billion active users.
The stats related to Instagram and Snapchat can be seen by clicking here.

Hence, it’s quite notable that the Facebook-owned companies are growing day by day, even though they have copied the features from other companies.

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