WhatsApp to feature ads by 2020

WhatsApp has been a part of our lives for a long time now. After the introduction of the app, we almost forgot about the SMS feature on our phones. Started as a messaging app, it is also used largely for voice and video calling making it difficult to imagine virtual interaction without it.

The famous messaging app has been consistently on top ever since it launched in 2009. In 2014, Facebook took over WhatsApp not revealing any business plans they have for the app. In the recent years we witnessed the addition of plenty of new features in the app but till date it has not been used for promotion purposes. However, Facebook plans on changing that. Even though we’ve known about the plans Facebook has for advertisements on WhatsApp but nothing was confirmed untill now.  

In the Facebook Marketing Summit (FMS) in the Netherlands, they announced that WhatsApp will start featuring advertisements in the status effectively from 2020. A slideshow was presented at the summit showing how the ads will look on WhatsApp. This feature will work similar to Instagram. They will take up the whole screen and you can visit the advertiser’s page or website by swiping up.  The company is expected to introduce ads that will click from Facebook to WhatsApp and Instagram to WhatsApp. The ads will appear on Facebook and Instagram which will propt them to open and share on WhatsApp.

Along with this, the company also plans to bring about some new features for WhatsApp for Business. It will have richer messaging formats where users will be able to view text along with an image in a single message and also the addition of WhatsAp product catalogs with the Facebook Business Manager catalog. Using this feature, the users will be able to enquire about the product and view the product in the catalog.

“With catalogs, businesses can showcase their goods so people can easily discover them” claims Facebook.

Status ads is a better idea than other types of advertisements like banner and pop up ads which can be annoying. These ads will only show up when you check Whatsapp statuses of your contacts and can be easily avoided by not doing so.

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