WhatsApp Vs Signal: A Brief Privacy Comparison

Over the past one month, the instant messaging application Signal has witnessed a huge spike in its downloads. The reason for this is a sudden shift of customer base from WhatsApp to Signal due to the backlash over the recent privacy policy update of WhatsApp.

In this article we aim to compare the privacy features of the two popular messaging applications- WhatsApp and Signal.

How secure is WhatsApp?

WhatsApp collects your account information such as mobile number, the name, profile photo, the device you are using, the time when you have been online, all your contacts, (numbers, not names), all group names of which you are a part of, the device type, the IP address, device build number, device manufacturer, details of the web/desktop version and the platform which is used for WhatsApp Web, your Status. It also collects the exact time when you set the current profile photo and the current status message.

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How secure is Signal?

Signal says it does not obtain user messages, groups, contacts, or profile information. The only two pieces of information Signal collects are how long users have had Signal installed and the last date it was installed.

Can WhatsApp read your messages?

The messages on WhatsApp are end to end encrypted, which means that the server of WhatsApp cannot read your messages. As soon as the message gets delivered, it is unstored from the server.

Can Signal read your messages?

Signal uses an advanced end to end encryption protocol that provides privacy for every message every time.
Neither Signal, nor your phone company, nor the government can read your messages.

Is WhatsApp’s new privacy policy unsafe?

Owing to the backlash that it faced, WhatsApp has extended the deadline to accept the new privacy policy. Buy is its policy really unsafe and you should stop using WhatsApp?

Not really! WhatsApp has already cleared in a statement that it won’t read your messages and the data that WhatsApp is collecting is not something to really worry about. Most online platforms collect much more than that. However, if you’re still concerned, you have the option to delete WhatsApp and switch to a more secured platform like Signal.

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