When you must wear mask and when you can skip it?

While the pandemic doesn’t seem to put a full stop, wearing masks and following social distancing measures seem to be the only way to save self. But wearing mask isn’t convenient for many as it causes difficulty breathing.

So, is it necessary to wear it all the time or you can skip it sometimes?
Although wearing mask and sanitizing is extremely important, if you do not feel comfortable, you can skip it at some point of times. Following is a cleae classification.

When you have to wear:

1- While travelling in public transport, you should never go without mask.
2- If you make a visit to any public place such as mall, park or elsewhere, you can’t miss it.

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3- Mask becomes extremely important while attending meetings or large gatherings.
4- You must also wear mask when you are standing or sitting close to someone, may it be at someone’s home or any shop.
5- when you come across new people, which aren’t there with you everyday.

You can skip wearing:

1-When you are at home, with the same faces everyday, as it may not be as risky as when you are around new people.
2- When you aren’t in close contact to anyone at workplace, as in a separate cabinet.
3- While you are travelling in car, with window glass clsoed.
4- When you are having food.

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