Where do guys like to be touched when hugging

Hugs are special. It makes the partners feel special. However, the two people have different feelings and expections while they hug each other. If you are in doubt about where you should touch your boyfriend while hugging, you need to read this:

Men usually love when their babe touch them on back, shoulder, neck , hair, forehead and face. Here’s why:

1. Back
When you hug someone tightly, you lock your arms on their back. And guys literally love it! They love when you pat them or simply lock your arms. It makes them feel like you are theirs! You are offering protection and never want to go away.

2. Shoulder
When you keep your head on his shoulder, it really means so much to him. He doesn’t want you to leave, and feels it deep.

3. Neck
Guys literally love it when girls touch them on neck, it gives them goosebumps. Also, kisses on neck is what really drives them crazy.

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4. Hair
When women play with their hair, or simply pat them on hair or head, it makes them feel like being a small kid and pampered. You should definitely do it, if you don’t!

5. Forehead
Forehead kisses makes as a perfect thing for any couple. It reflects their love for each other. While, your guy may like being kissed on lips, but if they truly love you, you would never want to miss a forehead kiss.

6. Face
It makes them feel like a small baby, when you touch their face with both of your hands. It also makes them feel cute and shy, so don’t miss this out next time you hug him.

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