Which Famous Personalities are Top Celebrity Dad Material?

As a child you might have had many perceptions of how your dad is. You might have used the words like ‘strict’ or ‘friendly’ to describe you dad.

But as a father, have you ever wondered what kind of a dad are you? Are you the stern one? Are you the jovial one? Are you a friendly one? Or are you a mixture of all of the above? Whatever you are, you are a loving dad. Perhaps, the word “loving” is imbibed in the word “dad,” making “loving dad” a tautology.

As a father, have you ever wondered what kind of a father is your colleague, what kind of a dad is the big rash-looking man walking down the alley or what kind of a dad is the sweet-looking man selling balloons over the end of the road? You might not have. And even if you have, you might not be correct. Because looks are often deceiving. And when it comes to the being dad, you are always loving, but the way you show it might differ.

Same with the people you watch on the screens. Have you ever wondered what kind of dads they might be? People like Channing Tatum, Ryan Reynolds and Hugh Jackman might be tough guys on screen, but when it comes to their kids, they are nowhere near as rough as they appear on the screens.

1. “It’s heaven. It’s like walking into a field of flowers every day.” – Ryan Gosling

2. “It’s really fun and humbling at the same time ‘cause you realize you do not know anything.” – John Legend

3. “I have no power over that little girl..” – David Beckham

4. “Of all that I’ve done in my life, I am most proud to be your dad.” – Barack Obama

5. “I was hoping for a girl because first of all, our first girl was unbelievable.” – Ashton Kutcher

6. “She actually has better taste in music than I think I do because she only will fall asleep to really good music.. like Drake.” – Channing Tatum

7. “She says dada and I will walk through a cement wall to get to her.” –Ryan Reynolds

8. “3 girls! I think it’s harder. I’m more concerned they’re gonna date a chef! That’s the bit that scares the crap out of me.. and I’m gonna grill his f*cking ass..” – Gordon Ramsay

9. “It’s the paranoia of not being a great dad.” –Jay Z

Channing Tatum and his family

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