Which Home Is the Best Layout for You?

Buying or owning a house is every one’s dream. And, people think of certain factors like: how big it should be, where should it be located etc. But they don’t really think about the key features of the house.
Before you buy your house , consider these factors that are directly related to your house:

1- Storey

The number of storeys in your house will play a great role based on age, mobility and social habits. Your house can have:

 One storey

One storey houses are those with no additional floors above it. It only has the ground foundation. These are highly suitable for people with less mobility, health issues, aged people, and family with small babies. However, the cost usually goes up in this case. Since the single storey requires almost double space in foundation and roof, as compared to a double storey.

  Split level

Split-level homes offer multiple levels between rooms, generally with a few stairs between. You’ll typically find the kitchen and dining room on one level, with a few stairs separating the family room or living space. It is highly suitable for people with grown up kids and those who want some space.

 One and a half story

These are referred to as Bunglows. It has mainly all common rooms and kitchen on the first floor and a relatively shorter storey on the second floor, making it one and a half storey. The second floor typically has one or two bedrooms.

 Two or more storeys

These are usually built on narrow land, and equal space of land is devoted to the floors above first. Generally the main rooms are built on the first floor and additional rooms above it. It’s recommended for people with older children who require independent space.

2- Shape or footprint

Shape or footprint is yet another factor to be considered as it largely affects the outlook of your place.


It is the most common shape of house preferred, but with additional cutouts, wings or spare rooms added onto the footprint to meet the needs of the buyer.
Generally rectangle shape is followed in bunglows, ranch houses and town halls.


The shape is common in Ranch houses, One and a half floor and new constructions. It is emerging as a great shape for modern houses.

3- Interior

It is an important factor, upon which the house is built. The needs of individuals widely differ when it comes to the interiors.

  One floor plan

These are highly desired by home-buyers. These houses do not have many walls in between rooms. People who choose this, want to stay connected and keep a watch on their kids.

 Separate rooms and hallways

Many people want rooms with separate walls in order to maintain privacy. Or, they don’t want to hear the noise of TV and chit chats. Therefore, they prefer separate rooms with walls.

  Bedroom suites

Having a bathroom attached with all bedrooms was earlier a luxury, but now an expectation. People want a bathroom with every room, so it’s comfortable for all members to use it at night or without disturbing the entire house members.

Therefore, people must ponder on these factors too, before choosing a house. Needs will differ individually, so there’s no ideal kind of house.

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