Fast food is something which everyone loves and when it comes to pizzas and burgers no limits are there. They are the most favorite across the globe and also available in different varieties and sizes as well. Although they are not good for health, lets find out which one is healthier, pizza or burger?

Total Calories 

480 calories are there in 2 slices of a regular crust cheese pizza whereas a regular, single patty cheese burger has nearly 350 calories. It shows they both are high calorie foods but 2 slices pizza are higher than a burger.


2 pizza slices have 61 gram of carbohydrates while a burger has pretty less – 28 gram. The carbohydrates which are present in pizzas and burgers are refined sugars which lack fiber. However, they do not keep the stomach filled for long time and also the reason of fatigue and loss of energy as well.


Fat is one ofthose things which you will get after having fast foods. 2 pizza slices have 18 gram of total fat including 8 gram of saturated fat. Whereas, a burger contains 19.8 gram of total fat where 9.2 are saturated fat. Although it has low calories, a burger is higher in fat consuming. It increases risk of heart conditions, diabetes and hypertension if it is taken on a regular basis.


42 mg of cholesterolavailable in 2 pizza slices whereas a burger has 52 mg of cholesterol. Result shows that burger has high cholesterol. This increases the risk of heart diseases also.


2 pizza slices have 924 mg of sodium, while a burger contains 976 mg of sodium. However, 140 mg or less sodium is considered as a healthy choice.

With this discussion, it is clear that both pizza and burger are effective for health and it would be great to avoid these fast foods to live a healthy life.

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