Which Is Better – To Be Single Or In A Relationship?

The argument over being single or being in a relationship will never end. People who are single would argue that being single is the best thing whereas the one who is in a relationship think that there is nothing better than being with the person whom you love.

But, which one is right? Is it better to be single or in a relationship?

The Single Life

To lead a single life, you don’t need to think about anyone but yourself. You can be completely your own self – be it dressing, eating or watching movies. On the other hand, a weekend outing with your loved one is more exciting.

On the other hand, being single you get to meet new people and go out on the fun and exciting outings doing fun activities with someone you don’t even know.

Being In A Relationship

Relationships are cool when you find all the qualities in your partner which you like. You both can spend time together, do the things that you both love. For instance, in a healthy relationship, you go out and meet up with friends or enjoy your favourite outdoor activities as well – like running, cycling or maybe trekking for some days.

However, being in a relationship for so long as takes your private time despite being the relationship is a healthy one. However, you have to consider someone else other than yourself if you want to be happy in a relationship and love that person your consideration for them is a choice, not an obligation.

To conclude, being single or in a relationship is a matter of choice and shouldn’t depend on what others think. However, as human beings, we always thrive better in a relationship than staying alone. But if you’re single, make sure you have some good work, family and platonic relationships so that you don’t feel lonely. However, spending some “me time” is essential for everybody.

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