Why Feminism Needs To Treat Joe Biden Like A Predator

The American Democratic Presidential Candidate Joe Biden has been mired with controversies ever since he has been chosen as the nominee. At the forefront is a sexual harassment complaint filed against him by a former associate and employee Tara Reade.

However, the apparently bigger goal of defeating Donald Trump has led to many of the supposedly liberal and feminist voices to maintain silence. That’s not it. Tara Reade is being openly chastised and her account being gaslighted and little discrepancies noted.

The clash between politics and feminism has never been more explicit. It’s like the forces are finally clashing head-on. There needs to be an appropriate feminist understanding of the issue before any stand is taken.

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Joe Biden might be the only Democratic hope right now to defeat Donald Trump. However, feminism needs to understand how it’s different from politics.

People like Nancy Pelosi want to get elected to office and can hence choose to conveniently turn their heads. That’s also a stand adopted by many Democrats endorsing him. However, feminism is free of these regulations.

It doesn’t need to vouch for an office and can unabashedly present its stand on the issue. The platform needs to be made available to all women irrespective of their political affiliations. It will always be told to women that there’s a larger evil to defeat so they should take their oppression silently.

Tara Reade is being exposed to the kind of crudeness which is unprecedented for liberals. She is being accused of constantly changing her statements. In fact, some have even labelled her as an agent of Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Tara Reade

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Feminism needs to get its priorities straight at this juncture. There’s no bigger priority than to show powerful men who believe they can violate women with impunity their true position. That goal needs to be pursued no matter who is at the other end.

If it fails to do so then the movement loses a lot of momentum. That’s where the women hoping to find solace in the movement are disappointed. Tara Reade needs to get justice from the movement.

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