Why is All Purpose Flour unhealthy?

All purpose flour or white flour or maida has become a part of our lives. We consume it in the form of burger, pizza, pasta and other snack items in our daily routine. The main reason for which it is called junk food is the presence of white flour. But how is it bad for our health?

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For this we need to understand how it is made. White flour is processed by removing endo sperms from wheat. These are extremely important for digestion. The processing is in such a way that it loses essential nutrients like vitamins, minerals and fiber.

Therefore excessive consumption of wheat flour can lead to weight gain. Apart from weight gain, it can also cause a number of lifestyle diseases or disorders including fatty liver, bad cholesterol , high blood pressure, mood swings and progression toward obesity.

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This is due to the fact that it lacks all essential nutrients and the makes digestion hard. You will aldo realise it when you will compare white flour with whole wheat flour. The dough for white flour will be quite strechy, which allows it to stick within our system. Which is why it is also called “glue of the gut”.
So, next time be mindful while consuming it. And replace it with whole wheat flour made bread, pasta, bun etc as much as possible.

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