Why Online Education is Not Better than Traditional Education

In these unprecedented times, the online classes have emerged as new normal for both students and teachers. However, there are still many cons of online education that make the traditional methods slightly better than the former one.

Lack in terms of experience

Online courses refrain you from getting hands-on experience on many things. There are some subjects which require you to obtain practical knowledge while working on types of machinery or special setups. Students attending regular schools have this advantage of being exposed to such things when compared to remote learning.


As there is no proper time-table like schools and colleges, there can be many times where you don’t study for days. Thus piling up the unfinished work or delaying the completion of the course by a long time. While studying an online course, there is no one to tell you that the submission date is near or the exams are approaching. Only you are responsible for your time learning and results.

No immediate clearing of doubts

While being in a class, if you have any doubt or query all you need to do is to raise your hand and wait for your teacher to notice you. However, when pursuing an online course, you have only two options for clearing your doubts. One is writing an email to your online tutor or dropping a message to him on the required platform. The other way is to surf the internet which can take a lot of your time.

Online Education

Holds less value

When compared to regular courses, online courses hold less value. While giving an interview for a job, a person who pursued his degree from a regular college would be preferred. Also, there are many organizations that don’t consider the certainties provided by the online portals. While the certificates of websites like Edx, Coursera hold value, there are other online portals that are unrecognized.

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Lack of Social interaction

While pursuing an online course you are practically living in a virtual world in almost no knowledge of your instructor or classmates. It is very rare that you get to chat with the other people learning the same course alongside you. If the interaction is there, it is limited to the doubts revolving around that particular course. Thus, you lose the chance of making friends or having healthy discussions with them.

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