Why Relationships don’t last in 20s

20s is the most crucial age of your life. It becomes the most important as you are with the maximum opportunities to utilise your energy and potential in a direction that will indicate your future.

You get to face a lot of hardships and disappointment during this time. And to you, coming into a relationship seems as a solution by sharing problems and living a happier life. But it is often seen that relationship in early 20 rarely lasts. The reasons could be many. But the most common causes that lead to break ups are:


20s is the age when people actually start taking career seriously. And that is ideally a chance to explore every opportunity and take decisions wisely. You never know what profession you may be, 10 years later, but it’s very important to work hard towards your goal. Most of the relationships start facing problems due to this reason. And in some cases, a person doesn’t concentrate on his/her career due to relationship. Well, if you can keep yourself motivated, and even boost your partner, more power to you!


Temptation isn’t an abnormal thing in human beings. When you are in your 20s, you meet different kinds of people and feel differently about them. There’s more possibility of you finding another person at this age point. Or, your taste may chance for an ideal partner. Temptation isn’t a good signal in a relationship. It may lead to betrayals and therefore breakups.


Who doesn’t love freedom? Freedom to do, choose and take decisions whatever they want. You have finally turned adult and you wish to pursue everything independently and without the interference of your parents. But your partner may not like each and every decision of yours. And they may expect you to consider them before taking any decision. It may hamper your spirit of freedom and lead to conflicts.

Social life

Undoubtedly it is the best age to enjoy each and every moment. Late night parties, clubbing and hangouts is what defines this age group. It is genuinely the best time of your life , when you truly can enjoy the freedom. But it can become an obstacle to your relationship. You may start developing arguments and conflicts as your partner may not like your social engagements to such extent. But it’s time when you need to decide, if they are against it now, how will they handle any similar situation in the future?

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