Why The Coronavirus Pandemic Is More Dangerous For Women

Coronavirus is wreaking havoc all over the world. Schools, colleges, malls, and even entire countries have been shut down. The number of confirmed cases in on the rise globally. Consequentially, the number of lives being lost to the virus are also increasing. Everyone carries a risk of being infected. However, certain people are at a higher risk catching it. Moreover, the virus is also a bigger threat to certain people.

What is known so far in this regard is that people above 60 are at a higher risk of catching and succumbing to COVID-19.

What is not known widely, is that it is also affecting women more.


There are two primary reasons for why coronavirus is affecting women more. Firstly, people staying at home and not being able to leave. Secondly, the extremely fast spread of the virus.

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The virus has caused schools and colleges in multiple cities to be shut down, meaning that students are now at home. Additionally, because of self-quarantining measures, they cannot leave.

Why Coronavirus Pandemic Is More Dangerous For Women


More people staying at home means that there are more people to care for. Schools, colleges, and offices mean that members of the family are not at home for a majority of the day. This means that women who work as homemakers do not have to look after them the whole day. In many cases, children also get food at their place of education/work, thus reducing the mother’s burden.

Additionally, women who work outside their homes also have to take leaves from their offices to be able to look after their families. There have also been reports of some South Korean companies cutting the wages of female employees who can’t come into the office due to childcare following school closures.

These closures are putting disproportionate burdens on women. In most cases, they also do not have anyone to help them out with this work because growing up, their male spouses are taught that handling chores is not their job.


Another reason why this pandemic is making women suffer more is by hampering their ability to leave their houses. Many women have to leave in abusive households. Going out to work or their spouses going out to work provides them an escape.

It also proves to be an obstacle in them getting legal action to leave their houses, as their mobility is seen as a possible threat to public health.

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Beijing-based women’s rights nonprofit Weiping received three times as many inquiries from victims than they did before quarantines were in place.

Many people have been speaking up about this issue, especially in China. Chinese social media platform Sina Weibo has seen more than 3000 posts using the hashtag #疫期反家暴 (#AntiDomesticViolenceDuringEpidemic).

Why Coronavirus Pandemic Is More Dangerous For Women



Lastly, women are at a higher risk even as people providing treatment to patients.

According to the World Health Organisation, 70% of workers in the health and social sector are women.

In addition to being subject to problems as all other healthcare providers, women have to go through more problems.

According to Sixth Tone, women’s menstruation needs are being overlooked, giving more importance to the patience and the ongoing pandemic. However, there have been multiple donation drives to get feminine hygiene products for healthcare providers in various parts of the coutry.

Even though treating patients and controlling the pandemic is important, the needs of healthcare providers must also be kept in mind.

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