As technology has taken over the world, we find ourselves looking for shortcuts or ways that help us complete any task without putting much efforts. Similarly, when we need to travel somewhere, even if it is just a Km away, we commute via motorcycle or car. But do we know the kind of negative impact it creates on our body as well as the environment?

We do know the benefits we get while riding and travelling by a motorcycle, such less time consuming, less efforts required. But, following are some downsides of choosing motorcycle over bicycle:

1. There are stricter laws for motorcycle riders, such as wearing helmets, paying hefty fines on non-compliance etc.


2. You go for inactive lifestyle as you don’t really need to put much efforts in driving.

3. You are adding to already worse pollution levels.

And here’s why you must choose to cycle instead of going by a motorcycle:

1. Cycling is known to offer numerous health benefits such as weight loss, cancer, depression, heart attack or stroke etc.

2. Cycling is a pollution-friendly way of travelling or commuting.

3. You don’t need to pay hefty fines. But, do remember to wear helmets and other safety equipments.

It is high time when you should look up go the benefits cycle offers us, and go for a bicycle this time instead if s motorcycle.

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Aastha Kochar

Aastha Kochar

A freelance content writer who specializes in writing long-form articles that generate traffic for health and wellness, lifestyle and digital marketing brands.

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