Why’d You Push That Button – Death Online?

Ever wondered what will happen to all your credentials on the social media once you die? Well, on this week’s episode of Why’d You Push That Button, by The Verge, the talk involved Death Online.
Read on to know further about the future of your social media sites.

What is Death Online?

Ashley Carman from The Verge, and Kaitlyn Tiffany spoke a lot about a certain dark episode on Why’d You Push That Button. And specifically, the topic was about death.

Not technically about death but it’s about what would happen to social media credentials after you have passed on.
Well, not to be sad or something, but it’s kind of great topic to talk about much like a will which we all make. If the will is for your other physical assets, then you might as well consider what would happen to your social asset.

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This s exactly what they spoke about and this is what Ashley Carman had to say about it.

death online

What did they exactly speak about?

This slightly dark episode marks the start of our three-part miniseries, Death Online, which, as you can probably guess, tackles how the internet changes how we (and our things) die. This episode is about planning for our deaths. Yes, we know we should make a will and think about our physical assets, but for this episode, we’re focused on our digital assets. What happens to all of our Instagram posts? What happens to our accounts? Does someone know our passwords?

We chat with a bunch of people who have thoughts, including Cat Frazier of the Animated Text accounts on Tumblr, Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook, as well as Tim Herrera, the Smarter Living editor for The New York Times. We also chat with an estate planner who specializes in digital assets law, Megan Yip, and a Why’d You Push That Button? listener named Jon who has thought deeply about his death plan.

Source: The Verge

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