Windows 10 becomes more popular than Windows 7

In 2018, Microsoft has turned out to be the most valuable company in the world. Windows 10 is seen at the top position for desktop Operating Systems. In the past three and a half years, this is the first time that Microsoft’s OS has secured the top position. Windows has now obtained an important milestone from Microsoft. According to Net Applications, the latest Windows 10 operating system has exceeded the market share of Windows 7.

What is the market share of Windows 10?

Windows 10 held a market share of 39.22 percent in December 2018. This edges out Windows 7’s market share of 36.90 percent. Microsoft took three and a half years to achieve a statistic this high. On the other hand, Windows 7 took a comparatively shorter period of time to achieve this share. This indicates how popular Windows 7 has been since its release about ten years ago.

In recent years, Microsoft hasn’t quite seen a smooth reception of its operating systems. However, Windows 10’s high market share makes it evident that this isn’t an overnight success story. The company has taken immense effort to achieve this success. Meanwhile, the more recently released Windows 8.1 is a distant fifth, which is more than a percent point below Windows XP.

Windows 10

The success of Windows 10 vs. Windows 7

From the time of its release, Microsoft planned on getting Windows 10 running on a billion devices within three years. But once it was clear that Windows Phone wouldn’t cooperate with this plan, the company lengthened the timeline.

Presently, Windows 10 is running on more than 700 million devices, which comprises of a wide range of products. This includes phones, PCs, tablets as well as Xbox One consoles. The bridging of the device between PC and tablet was possible due to the release of a convertible operating system. Microsoft’s decision to bring the OS to these devices has seen a favourable outcome.

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Microsoft put in great effort to get PC users to upgrade for free. The company also held a “PC does what?” marketing campaign with the aim of targeting consumers having quite old systems. Despite these efforts, Windows 7 has been widely in use in recent years.

The extended support for Windows 7 is being provided by Microsoft. This will be coming to an end in the next year, on January 14th. Taking this fact into consideration, Microsoft would need to work hard in order to prompt its affluent businesses to upgrade to Windows 10 instead of opting for the ESU program for Windows 7 the forthcoming year.

While shifting businesses from Windows XP to Windows 7 about seven years ago, Microsoft faced a similar threat. White papers were released by the company in order to compare the expenses of both the operating systems.

Even with all the opposing competition, Microsoft has once again found its spot at the top of the most valuable companies. This accomplishment marks a great end to Microsoft’s solid year.

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