Woman in a tuxedo and Transgender flag among New Emojis for 2020

New emojis to be released in 2020 including
the transgender flag, a woman in a tuxedo, and a gender-neutral alternative to Santa Claus.

In total, 117 new characters and images have been approved for addition to the emoji library, as announced by Unicode Consortium.

The list also includes a person in a veil, a pinched finger gesture, bubble tea, hugging people and bottle-feeding parents.

The Unicode Consortium’s list is the central bank of approved emoji, with companies including Google, Apple and Microsoft.
Then the updated versions of the designs are applied to these operating systems.

Last year, a number of same-sex couple and gender-neutral emojis were also added to the library to improve gender- representation.

Why are new emojis being added?

However, there was criticism over the non-inclusion of the transgender flag – which is now added alongside the transgender symbol.

“Taking action to make tools of communication, like emojis, more inclusive and diverse is always a welcome step.
So we’re glad to see the inclusion of more gender-neutral emojis and a trans flag emoji. Visibility is really important and companies can always be thinking of more ways to promote trans equality.” Said Jeff Ingold, head of media engagement at LGBT campaigns group Stonewall.

The new list of approved emojis also has
a ninja, a black cat emoji, a bison and a mammoth.

When will it be updated?

However, the schedule of release hasn’t been stated yet. But, it believed to send the updated list to the softwares in 2020 itself, after which the softwares will add it later during their update.

How are any new emojis introduced?

– Anyone who wishes to ‘sponsor’ a new emoji character needs to submit a detailed written proposal to the Unicode Consortium.

-Each proposal received will be evaluated initially by technical officers at Unicode.

-Once a proposal passes this initial screening, it will be reviewed by the Unicode Technical Committee.

Sponsors may be required to revise their proposals several times before their character can be encoded. This can take upto two or more years.

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