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With my own experience of meeting, dating, watching these modern women; I have never seen or heard once that a woman left an ass**** man. The one who does not make her happy. Emotionally abuses her by taking on this mental rollercoaster where she can’t get enough of him. I have never seen a single woman leaving.  Like these women won’t ever cheat on this guy. They will be loyal and nice to him. They will never leave.

The funny thing is in the end it’s the guy. It’s the guy who leaves. Even though these guys will take these women to absolute cleaners but still they would not LEAVE ! .  It’s actually this bad guy who dumps, jumps to another younger chick, or find’s an excuse to end it. And after it’s done, they go on a rant that they will never do that again. Anyone who does this again, they will not stay there for a second.

But there is such a high possibility if it happens again, she will stay again. The reason is simple, they just can’t get enough of these guys. This guy is hard to catch, irresponsible, never give her the time of day, just use and abuse her for whatever they need from her and then just take off.  These are the absolute typical men these chicks fall for. They love chasing. Chasing them till the world’s end until the guy himself walks away. And this actually makes me laugh so much when I watch these youtube videos of rant’s or hear such stories.

These chicks are actually very decent and many are pretty one’s. They can bag hundreds of nice guys or decent good men. These guys will give them respect, love them, be responsible and treat them exactly the way they want to be treated.  They will even be chivalrous, open the door for them, cook, take them for good dinner’s, they will not flake on dates, they will have secured jobs and won’t be getting into trouble every week, replying to texts. These girls are surrounded by them but all these nice guys are friend-zoned.

Ever thought as to why such women are never with any of them ??. The reason is that these nice guys are actually not their cup of tea. They are Boring, predictable, they are too safe and they just do not get your G-Plot lit.  Therefore, you chase the bad boy. The dickhead. They actual jerk. Because he gives you fantasy, adventure, thrill and most importantly non-stop mental entertainment. You run because you cannot have him, you cannot get him. You cannot make him stay and rule him.  He does not follow your orders, he has no respect for your womanhood, to be honest, he does not even respect you as a woman. But these are the guys you chase and then complain about them later.

Furthermore, you women will warn all others about this guy. Make videos on youtube but you yourself will continue to find these guys and date them. These girls have tons of guys around them. And some guys still don’t have this knowledge and go on to defend these girls. But if she has so many options around her of nice guys; how come she never dated anyone? How come she never slept with anyone ? .

The reason is these guys will not put her on an emotional rollercoaster of one day being good and the other being bad.  One day she is sad, one day she is happy. A nice guy will not give this to her . Unfortunately, these women will only give nice guys a chance when they are beyond PNR age. Like above the age of 30. But then usually it’s too late. At this age, they have to compromise a lot and have way less expectation. This can be difficult for many women.  Because the bad boy is still out there and continues to date young beautiful women. Whereas, the nice guys are just contained and happy that finally,” she’s mine”.

Now the worry is that she is with the nice guy, sleeping with him but still fantasizing about the bad guy. She is fantasizing about the young bad guys she can no longer get who she had in her college.  This leads to depression, ruining the perfect marriage, leaving the nice guy confused. It’s high time modern woman understands what is she stepping into but also where it will lead eventually. You want to stay single, stay. But if you want your marriage and family to work then think who fits the bill. Like me you might have suffered as well from the hands of these women but it’s our fault.

Next time be smarter, wiser and learn from the previous mistakes. Don’t fall for them unless they are normal in the head.  As a man, you will always have more attention from younger one’s who look for a genuine partner. Most of these women ship’s have sailed long back. Again not all are the same but most are.

Become the Baddest Nicest Guy.  Bad when she steps outside the boundaries and Nice when she behaves. Combos always sell more.

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