Women Allowed to Apply For Provost In The Indian Navy

No matter how many people say that gender equality has been achieved and there is no need for feminism anymore, the truth remains that gender inequality is a distant dream. Women are still denied access to various spaces, due to reasons that are illogical, to say the least.

However, change is happening. Years and years of struggle are bearing fruit, and women are entering spaces that they have historically been denied access to.

One such fight was won by women in the Indian Navy.

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Women Allowed to Apply For Provost In The Indian Navy


For the first time in history, the Indian Navy has allowed women to become members of its police branch, Provost. So far, only male officers have been allowed to apply to Provost.

According to ThePrint, male and female officers have been asked to submit their applications for the branch.

Recruitment of officers in primary branches is advertised. However, this is not the case for Naval Provost officers. Officers who have already been commissioned are selected on a trial basis. They undergo a specialised course at the Provost training school, INS Mandovi. Post completion, they are posted to various Naval bases.

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Women Allowed to Apply For Provost In The Indian Navy

However, the Navy did not come to this decision on its own.

In 2015, the Delhi High Court outlawed gender discrimination during the grant of permanent commission in the Indian Navy. On 17 March, a court upheld this verdict. A few weeks ago, the Supreme Court also ruled to grant permanent commission to women officers in the Navy.

Many people also believe that Provost is the first step towards all branches of the Navy being opened up to women officers.

“Moreover, Provost is a non-sea-going cadre and therefore compulsory sea service will not be a criterion for promotions as in the case of other executive branches,” a senior naval officer told ThePrint.

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