Women and children less likely to die from Coronavirus

According to a research conducted by the Chinese Centres of Disease Control, women and children are at lower risk of dying from coronavirus.
The study was done on 44,000 people and showed 2.8% of infected men died, compared with 1.7% of women.

The report studied it in two aspects. The first being the chances of catching Coronavirus to women and children lie less than that of men. Second, women and children are better able to cope up.
Although every individual is likely to catch a virus since no immune system is ready to fight with it as it hasn’t experienced it before.

However, it is found that the immune system of women are stronger than that of men. And the reason is associated with the lifestyle of men, which includes smoking and other activities that severely affect it. It goes well with China, as _ % of male smoke as compared to only 3% of women.

So how does it goes with children?

Usually children are taken care of, by their family members, ensuring that they stay at distance from infected people.

And so the chances of catching virus is quite less. However, it is a well known fact that the immune system weekens at extreme ages. So, the immune system of children and aged people remains week, and thus causing more harm to them. So the children under 5 and rather under 2 years of age are more prone to suffer.

Although it was seen that women are less likely to suffer and die as compared to men, it was also seen that pregnant ladies are more likely to die than the non-pregnant ones. And the reason behind it is that the immune system of pregnant women weakens due to the energy transfer and Developmnt of baby.

But it is the men above the age of 70 who are at the highest risk of dying from coronavirus.

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