Women are charged more for a haircut than men- Check why

Georgia Frost being denied for haircut at two salons, shares her experience.

It has become an accepted and unchallenged fact of life, for most of us. Women have been paying almost double the amount of what men pay at a salon, for a haircut. And so it has become something unquestioned and well accepted.
But recently, Georgia Frost’s statements, made us think about it.
Georgia told how she was mocked and treated when she went in two men’s salons for a simple, short haircut.
She was told that they do not offer a haircut to women, even if they have short hair.

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And, even when she visits a unisex salon, she finds two different price lists. And the charges for a female haircut will always be more than that of mens’ cut. The kind of denials give us a hint of gender-based discrimination, which we women face in our day to day lives.While, The National Hair & Beauty Federation (NHBF),  points out that women usually have more complicated haircuts than men, and so are charged more.
And, therefore denied the existence of any kind of discrimination among the genders.
Chief executive Hilary Hall says: “This is because men tend to have shorter hair, require haircuts which are technically quicker to deliver, do not typically include the range of products used for women and require less time for finishing. For example, a bob haircut may be viewed as a short style, but it is more technically challenging than a short back and sides.

Charges for a haircut should’t be based on gender.

But the harsh reality is that, even if women want the same haircut and have hair of similar size and quality, they are still charged more than men.

It challenges the equality law. And so, the amount charged should be based on the size of hair, it’s type, efforts, time and resources required for the cut. Instead of a separate price list based on gender; that also leads to generalization of what a women should look like.

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