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Before you go crazy, let me explain. Women can love and do love but are incapable of loving you in a way you want them to. The real reason I am writing this today is because of the realisation I had not too long ago. The entire world is divided into the Red & Blue Pill communities. Once you have become a member of the Red pill the entire world around you changes.

The boy band songs you heard about, “come back baby”, “you are my world”; start sounding like jokes. The way you start looking at the women after becoming red pill is different. Way different from the Blue pill world. You just cannot relate to things which many people sadly are today. They are mostly your family members, co-workers, friends and even your girlfriend for that matter.

The hard part is that when you are aware of the truth, you realize that women, in general, are nothing like what Disney movies showed. In fact, they are polar opposite. They are engineered way different than what was assumed and thought. Furthermore, this new age of modern feminism also does not help our cause. On one side they want us to take women as equals but the reality check is different. They want women to not only lead but men to bow down to the female imperative by shaming us and at the expense of our masculinity.

What women do not understand and some who do try and take advantage of it. Men in general  are wired to be a protector. We have been built up like that. If any man watches another man screaming on his GF, partner in the street; it’s a natural instinct to go and stop it. Even though she can be the one who is wrong and have been acting like a bitch. She could have been screwing him over. Man is actually so fucked up that he ended up screaming.

But you still have the instinct to go and protect her. When you are red-pilled, you hold yourself back and ask, “what happened” rather than going crazy on the guy. You give your male counterpart a chance to express. And this is what women and society hates.

There are enough laws to save women. Court protect women, cops protect women, corporates protect women, Bollywood-Hollywood protects women rights. The problem is not they exist but they are made and used at the expense of the masculine imperative. Therefore most modern women cannot love you the way you want to be loved as a man.

Women love opportunistically and men do idealistically. It’s the men who listen to those songs and protect them. We are the ones imagining to save damsel in distress. She doesn’t see you that way. They don’t see who you are but they see you as what you can do for them.

This can be emotionally what you can do to them. Does not have to be financial, it is a key though, surely helps. They actually look for the value you can provide. It can be in a way emotionally. The tensions you can build to stimuli her, the highs and lows you can make her feel. That is why these mind games and tricks keep the women and relationship going. Most women will not accept it but they want that. They love the value you add but do not love you for who you are.

Women see men as a provider. Financially, emotionally, physically, mentally or all of them. There are very few women who genuinely love the man as he is. Loving someone means unconditionally. This stands for all the pro’s and con’s in him. How many women can today actually say that?. As a man, it’s a hard pill to swallow but it’s a truth. Truth sometimes can be stranger than fiction. It can hit you pretty hard if you are in a relationship that they don’t love you for who you are but love you for what you can do for them.

She might love you for the great sex, love you for emotionally understanding her, loves you for how much caring you are, loves you for the great shopping & travel you give her; it can be anything really. But as a man we imagine building a house with her, family with her, the longer we stay we care more and what happens then; many start to withdraw. This is so frustrating for guys. The more you invest the further she runs away. And then one day you find out she is cheating on you . Why?,because you could not give her enough time and were busy working your ass-off.

I am not saying do not fall for women anymore. Living alone is not healthy in any way. All I am saying is that as a man when you decide to jump into a relationship keep this in mind. She loves you for a reason and you love her for just being her. She makes you a priority today but might not keep tomorrow. Whereas you will always have her on top of your every list. This is the difference. She is not doing it because she wants to but because she is incapable of loving you that unconditionally.

Do not be afraid to love. Afraid of being with a woman you like. But just be acceptable to the fact that she loves you for what you bring to the table. Emotionally, physically, financially, mentally or all. Just like I learned it that hard way, do not go beat yourself up. She loves you opportunistically and you do idealistically. Just remember this and you are good to go.

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