Women At A Higher Risk Of Catching Coronavirus

The Coronavirus has gripped the conscience of the world with the great carnage that it has left in its vicious trail. With millions of people affected worldwide, the disease has finally shown it’s fatal and brutal side. In fact, it was recently declared a pandemic by the World Health Organization (WHO). However, recent research shows that social factors might make marginalized communities more susceptible to its influence. It specifically talks about women. Even though diseases affect all groups, the level of impact differs across privilege groups.

In fact, there are specific reasons why women are bound to be more vulnerable. There is a logical analysis for this conclusion. Let’s find out.

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Women At A Higher Risk Of Catching Coronavirus


The basic reason why women face a greater danger is because of their gender-defined roles and place in society. They take up specific jobs that are more vulnerable to the virus. Generally, more women are associated with jobs in the healthcare sector.

Most of these jobs are in the nature of nursing. This means daily contact with the victims.

Around the world, women make up a majority of health care workers, almost 70% according to some estimates, and most of them occupy nursing roles — on the front lines of efforts to combat and contain outbreaks of disease. In China’s Hubei Province, where the current coronavirus outbreak originated, about 90% of health care workers are women. In the U.S., that number is around 78%.

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Women At A Higher Risk Of Catching Coronavirus

Even at home, women are at more danger. As their jobs prescribe them to be caretakers, they are expected to take care of the sick. This puts them at a much greater danger of being ultimately affected.

The entire situation will also economically affect women. The virus also has financial sides. As the economy is hit, the informal sector will be greatly affected. This is because the labourers don’t have any job security. Women make up a chunk of these jobs and are hence on the receiving end of the crisis.

This is why they need greater attention at this moment when the world is suffering from this extremely dangerous disease.

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