Women Co-Workers Make Judges Hire More Women – NBER Research

The debates around creating diverse workspaces don’t seem to cease. Even after struggling to make them more accessible to women, we have failed to create a more equitable environment.

It’s generally said that women in senior leadership positions mean a better workspace for females. That’s because of an understanding of the lived experiences. This myth might soon be challenged.

That comes out of new research from the world of law. It seeks to explain the variations that occur in female appointments with the gender of the person making the selection changes. Let’s find out more about this experiment.

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Women Employees Increase Further Recruitment Of Women In Law


Judges have total control in hiring law clerks which is a prestigious post and a stepping stone for bigger and better things. This means they take up increased responsibility for ensuring a better and diverse workplace.

It turns out that male judges who have worked alongside female judges are significantly more likely to hire a female law clerk – by four percentage points in the following year. Female judges who have worked alongside female peers are 1.6 percentage points more likely to hire a female law clerk.

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Women Employees Increase Further Recruitment Of Women In Law

The authors say that male judges gain a more positive view of women’s “professional capabilities” from working alongside them – a realization that is understandably a lot less ground-breaking for those same senior female judges.

This makes us question our fundamental assumptions. The simple answer to diversify your workspace is to become more diverse yourself. Surround yourself with more women to appreciate their ideas and worth.

The research was titled “Professional Interactions and Hiring Decisions: Evidence from the Federal Judiciary”. It was conducted by Marco Battaglini, Jorgen M. Harris, and Eleonora Patacchini.

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