Women exploitation increases due to Climate Breakdown : Report

Climate breakdown and violence against women are found to have a strong link. The global crisis of environmental degradation and climate breakdown are increasing violence against women, while gender-based exploitation is in turn hampering the ability to tackle the crises, as per some major report.

Of the more than 300 responses, The International Union for the Conservation of Nature(IUCN) compiled from international organizations working in developing countries, six of 10 respondents said they had observed gender-based violence directed at female environmental defenders, climate refugees and migrants, and an increase in such violence in areas where the climate crisis and global heating has put a strain on resources.

“This study shows that the damage humanity is inflicting on nature is also fueling violence against women around the world—a link that has so far been largely overlooked.”
—Grethel Aguilar, IUCN”This study adds to the urgency of halting environmental degradation alongside action to stop gender-based violence in all its forms, and demonstrates that the two issues often need to be addressed together,” said Dr. Grethel Aguilar, IUCN’s acting director-general.

The study is the largest and most comprehensive to examine the effects of climate crisis, which were mostly gender-specific.

It is found that degraded environment and climate breakdown increases the chances of women exploitative practices such as child marriage and forced marriage, forced prostitution, sexual violence and assault, and human trafficking.

“As environmental degradation and stress on ecosystems increases, that in turn creates scarcity and stress for people, and the evidence shows that, where environmental pressures increase, gender-based violence increases,” said Cate Owren, lead author of the report.

It is also seen that women in the fishing community are sexually exploited at large. Many fishermen refuse to sell fishes to these women without favouring them sex.

Similarly the illegal mining industry in Colombia and Peru saw a strong link to rising sexual trafficking.

A common practice among marginalised groups have been to marry off the girl child at an early age whenever there’s any scarcity of resources, in order to reduce the ‘burden’.

“The fight against the climate crisis will have far more of an impact if represented by those most affected,” tweeted the British Women’s Equality Party.

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