Women In Business Breaking Barriers

Female entrepreneurship is on a continuous rise around the entire world. This has been parallel to a growing trend of people wanting freedom and flexibility in the work sphere. However, women are still facing traditional obstacles. Many women report how investors ask them questions regarding lifestyle and family. Men are never asked similar questions.

The Rose Review in 2019 found that just one per cent of venture capital went into all-female businesses. This, in turn, makes them five times less likely to ever reach a £1m turnover. However, changing times are changing this metric of success. Now, women are measuring success by the number of women they are creating employment for. In fact, this is removing the perception that family is an obstacle to success in any way possible.

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Women In Business Breaking Barriers


Women are creating opportunities that bend according to their rules. These opportunities help open up traditionally locked spaces for more females. This can include things like flexible timings, maternity leaves and facilities for keeping children who still require motherly care.

Rin Hamburgh, a small copywriting business prioritised employing mothers returning to the workplace. This is because it is based on Ron’s own experiences. Being a mother herself, she realizes how difficult it is to do a job along with the pressures of motherhood.

Women In Business Breaking Barriers

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We also see it happening through programmes to boost women’s confidence in business, like the Gravitas Programme, run by the formidable Antoinette Dale Henderson, whose book “Power Up – The Smart Woman’s Guide to Unleashing Her Full Potential” is completely geared towards the building up of other women. Likewise, peer-to-peer mentoring groups such as Sister Snog, concentrates on fostering positive, collaborative relationships between female entrepreneurs, with a keen focus on encouraging the next generation of businesses.

The biggest factor in this regard is lived experiences. Women are more sensitized to creating a more accessible workplace because they realize the problems that come with being feminine. Certainly, we are moving towards a better future for all the women who are involved.

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